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IN THE NEWS: Optimization of quasimonoenergetic laser Compton X-Ray

Dr. Chris Barty of Lumitron Technologies has co-authored a new article for OPTICA Publishing Group with Haytham H. Effarah, Trevor Reutershan, Agnese Lagzda, Yoonwoo Hwang, Fred V. Hartemann.

The article, entitled "Computational method for the optimization of quasimonoenergetic laser Compton x-ray sources for imaging applications", explores opportunities for novel approaches to medical imaging.

From the Abstract:

The development of compact quasimonoenergetic x-ray radiation sources based on laser Compton scattering (LCS) offers opportunities for novel approaches to medical imaging. However, careful experimental design is required to fully utilize the angle-correlated x-ray spectra produced by LCS sources. Direct simulations of LCS x-ray spectra are computationally expensive and difficult to employ in experimental optimization. In this manuscript, we present a computational method that fully characterizes angle-correlated LCS x-ray spectra at any end point energy within a range defined by three direct simulations. With this approach, subsequent LCS x-ray spectra can be generated with up to 200 times less computational overhead.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.


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