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IN THE NEWS: Lumitron's Barty in Optica

Lumitron Technologies CEO, Dr. Chris Barty published a recent article with OPTICA Publishing Group evaluating the high-energy, laser-Compton X-Ray.

Co-written with Trevor Reutershan, Haytham H. Effarah, Agnese Lagzda, the publication provides a numerical evaluation of the technology's sources for contrast enhancement and dose reduction in clinical imaging via gadolinium-based K-edge subtraction.

From the articles Abstract:

Conventional x-ray sources for medical imaging utilize bremsstrahlung radiation. These sources generate large bandwidth (BW) x-ray spectra with large fractions of photons that impart a dose, but do not contribute to image production. X-ray sources based on laser-Compton scattering can have inherently small energy BWs and can be tuned to low dose-imparting energies, allowing them to take advantage of atomic K-edge contrast enhancement. This paper investigates the use of gadolinium-based K-edge subtraction imaging in the context of mammography using a laser-Compton source through simulations quantifying contrast and dose in such imaging systems as a function of laser-Compton source parameters. Our simulations indicate that a K-edge subtraction image generated with a 0.5% BW (FWHM) laser-Compton x-ray source can obtain an equal contrast to a bremsstrahlung image with only 3% of the dose.

To access the full article, CLICK HERE.


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