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Physics World's 2022 List of Breakthroughs Includes FLASH Radiotherapy

Proton FLASH Radiotherapy, Hailed by Publication As 'Breakthrough', Also Being Pioneered By Lumitron Technologies With Electrons.

Physics World (PW) unveiled is annual list of breakthroughs this December showcasing its Top 10 innovations of 2022. A panel of PW editors made their selections based on the following criteria:

  • Significant advance in knowledge or understanding

  • Importance of work for scientific progress and/or development of real-world applications

  • Of general interest to Physics World readers

Among their 2022 awardees was First-In-Human FLASH Proton Therapy

Emily Daugherty from the University of Cincinnati in the US and collaborators working on the FAST-01 trial for performing the first clinical trial of FLASH radiotherapy and the first-in-human use of FLASH proton therapy.

FLASH radiotherapy is an emerging treatment technique in which radiation is delivered at ultrahigh dose rates, an approach that is thought to spare healthy tissue while still effectively killing cancer cells. Using protons to deliver the ultrahigh-dose-rate radiation will allow treatment of tumors located deep inside the body.

The Cincinnati project has a direct connection to West Coast-based Lumitron Technologies. Lumitron's underlying accelerator has created excitement for its potential to generate electron beams that enable electron FLASH radiotherapy. A first in emerging radiotherapy technologies.

In the weeks to come, Lumitron expects to announce its breakthrough and the implications for next generation cancer treatments.

To read Physics World's full article, CLICK HERE.


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