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Lumitron Technologies Ahead of CERN In Developing FLASH Radiotherapy

Citing Breakthrough Medical Applications, CERN Follows Pioneering Lumitron Technologies on Development of Electron-Based Technology.

In 2020, CERN, the world's leading organization for particle accelerator research, announced that it would form a collaboration to develop a radiotherapy facility to exploit the FLASH effect from the use of very high-electrons (VHEE).

This new focus on radiotherapy by CERN confirms that Lumitron Technologies’ groundbreaking multi-bunch work in the field compact, high-current, very high energy electron (VHEE) accelerators is not only visionary, but that their present operational capabilities in Irvine, California make them the leaders in the technology. As pioneers, Lumitron is confident that they can be first-to-market with their cutting-edge VHEE FLASH capabilities years ahead of the CERN activities.

While Lumitron anticipates releasing exciting updates in early 2023 on their technology, CERN remains in the development and construction phase and is not anticipating reaching Lumitron's current progress until 2025.

To learn more about CERN's projects, CLICK HERE.


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